The Perfect Marriage – where it all started

Hello! Well this is my first post so I thought I would tell you a little about us and how we formed The Perfect Marriage!

Jo and I had a wonderful mutual friend Kirsty Parini who introduced us just before she was whisked off down under by her Aussie love Gene!

As we were both newly engaged and planning 2004 weddings she suggested we hook up and perhaps discuss doing each others hair and make up for our weddings.

We met and got on like a house on fire, think helped by the fact we could do ‘wedding talk’ constantly without fear of boring each other and shared the impending excitements / stresses of the big day

When Jo did my first make up trial she actually made me feel beautiful for the first time ever! I have never felt particularly pretty and arrived (as we all do) with magazine cuttings of various supermodels and Hollywood actresses for her to make me look exactly like – Sorry Jo!! She gently reminded me that make up could not give me brunette hair and tanned skin and we settled on what I would describe as an English rose, dewy, fresh look.

Even by the time she had finished my base I absolutely loved it – a flawless even complexion that I had never seen before! When finished I loved it, I am still astounded by how much better make up looks when done by a professional.

So anyway, I did Jo’s hair for her romantic Valentines Day wedding and she did my make up for my sunny May wedding. We were so pleased with what each other had done that every bride we were booked to do after that was told of this fantastic make up artist / hair stylist that you simply must book!!

Hence the beginning of The Perfect Marriage!