Wedding Dress Shopping!

Hello there,

I, Jo Lewis one half of ‘The Perfect Marriage’ am getting married In August this year! I am so super excited!!

Not only have I met the man of my dreams, second time around, but after years of being involved in weddings and seeing so many fantastic, creative ideas and beautiful choices, I am getting to do all my planning with a step ahead!

So Dress shopping…Surely this has to be one of the biggest and most important events for a bride to be?

I struggled to shortlist all the shops I wanted to visit but ended up … Continue reading »

Met a fabulous photographer


A few weeks ago on Saturday 31st August we had the pleasure of doing the sweet Anne-Yael Halevi’s Wedding. Now as you can imagine we meet a lot of photographers, some good, some not so good but on this blog I want to share with you when we meet fantastic people! When the beautiful, tall, elegant Hannah MacGregor turned up looking herself like a model, she was instantly one of those people you feel like you have known for years! Her manner was friendly and confident but without taking over the morning and bossing people about to get the best shots!! And as you can see from a few photos I have borrowed from her blog, she really captures the moment in an effortless yet stylish and modern way. If I was to get married again (Sorry hubby, just in theory!) I would definitely want her to be part of my day!


The Perfect Marriage – where it all started

Hello! Well this is my first post so I thought I would tell you a little about us and how we formed The Perfect Marriage!

Jo and I had a wonderful mutual friend Kirsty Parini who introduced us just before she was whisked off down under by her Aussie love Gene!

As we were both newly engaged and planning 2004 weddings she suggested we hook up and perhaps discuss doing each others hair and make up for our weddings.

We met and got on like a house on fire, think helped by the fact we could do ‘wedding talk’ constantly … Continue reading »